Aubrey de Grey There's Nothing Natural About Dying

Aubrey de Grey There's Nothing Natural About Dying

Biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey


The vast majority of products sold under the label "life extension" do not extend life. Particularly, the value of supplements is doubtful relative to factors such as physical activity level or family genetics. 

However, some serious biogerontologists have begun examining the underlying biological causes of aging and working towards therapies to ameliorate them. 

The argument that average human lifespans could be extended past 100 or longer is farily compelling. Some animals such as lobsters and certain jellyfish do not die of old age, and an award was offered to anyone who could prove life extensionist Aubrey de Grey's hopes were 'unworthy of learned debate'; nobody won the prize.

Longevity Escape VelocityEdit

Extending human life indefinitely does not necessitate halting all the effects of aging or understand all its causes. It would be sufficient to repair age-related damage faster than it accumulates, even it accumulates continuously, or the causes of the damage are not understood. 

Seven Causes of AgingEdit

  • Cancer-causing nuclear mutations/epimutations—OncoSENS
  • Mitochondrial mutations—MitoSENS
  • Intracellular junk—LysoSENS
  • Extracellular junk—AmyloSENS
  • Cell loss and atrophy—RepleniSENS
  • Cell senescence—ApoptoSENS
  • Extracellular crosslinks—GlycoSENS